Paris welcomed Folli Follie for the shooting of its new Autumn/Winter1213 global campaign. Glam, style and city’s allure were met to bring the best out of it. The Chinese supermodel and Folli Follie’s jet-setting global brand ambassador, Gaile Lai was spotted in the City of Light. She checked in for a lavish stay at the intimate Folli Follie boutique hotel.


The new Folli Follie collections for autumn/winter season lifted off the shooting and uniquely transformed Gaile Lai for shooting needs. You’re invited to join Folli Follie and indulge in our new collection for a truly unforgettable lavish sojourn in Paris as well as backstage sneak peek of the shoot! A trip with final destination…fashion!


Get crazy for Folli Follie, a fashion brand that alters all fashion lovers and travels them in the magic world of the Folli Follie boutique hotel; a place where Folli Follie collections prevail!


Get ready to live the excitement of the new AW1213 Folli Follie campaign…Coming soon!

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